Family Traditions

Visiting Johnny RocketsFalling leaves, football games, fuzzy socks, family gatherings, food…sounds like the holidays to us!

With the holidays come holiday traditions. There are lots of different ways to celebrate the holidays. Some families play board games, while others make special meals. But this year, we want to challenge you to create a new family tradition, and we’ve got a whole bunch of fun ideas:

Go on a STAYcation. Look up all the touristy things to do in your hometown and explore! Relax and spend some time outside. Go out to eat for dinner so you can enjoy the entire day outdoors and get as much fresh air as possible. And at the end of the day, you still get to sleep in the comfort of your own bed.

Go camping…in your backyard! Set up a tent and some sleeping bags, don’t forget to bring the graham crackers and marshmallows. Find the constellations in the sky. Sing campfire songs and get sticky hands while indulging in s’mores. It’s the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors while staying warm as the days and nights get colder!

Share a meal at Johnny Rockets. Each family member orders a different shake flavor and then everyone samples them all! And did you know that you can replace ANY of our tasty hamburgers with a turkey burger instead? Now, how’s that for a perfect new November tradition?!

Take a day trip. Pick a place on a map within a two-hour drive from home and go for the day. Don’t decide the destination until the morning of the trip. It doesn’t have to be a big town or tourist destination; sometimes the best trips are to the most obscure locations. If you’re having trouble agreeing, the youngest family member gets to hold the map, while the oldest family member gets to close his or her eyes and point to a destination!

What are some of your holiday season traditions? Share your family adventures with us on social!

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