The Johnny Rockets CANDY SHAKE

Johnny Rockets Candy Shake - great for Halloween

Halloween is a fun family tradition. Its got witches and candy and monsters and candy and spider webs and candy and ghosts and – oh yeah, did we mention CANDY!? No spooky Halloween night is complete without an insatiable craving for sweets. Get an early start on your Halloween evening with our Candy Shake made with M&M’s® Milk Chocolate Candies (goes perfectly with any one of our delicious Johnny Rockets Hamburgers, to give you strength for all the door-bell-ringing you’ll be doing!).

The Candy Shake is made with perfect sized pieces of milk chocolate M&M’s®, so they won’t get stuck in your straw. Given the choice between a trick and a treat, who wouldn’t choose a treat when that treat is a CANDY SHAKE made with M&M’s®? If you don’t trust us, you can read about some LA bloggers’ take on our new Candy Shakes here and here. Yum!

If ever there was a Shake designed with a sweet, sugary, choco-holics’ holiday in mind, it was this one. It won’t last forever, so be sure to stop in while it’s still here.

At Johnny Rockets, it’s tradition to serve up a cool holiday treat. What are your family’s Halloween traditions? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook!

Halloween Ketchup Art at Johnny Rockets

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