We Dare You!

Bacon Cheddar Single-Johnny Rockets
Johnny Rockets is all about food and fun! So, we thought it would be “fun” to share 10 new things you can try next time you dine with us. Here you go:

1) Dip your American Fries in your thick and creamy shake! The salty sweet taste is heavenly.
2) Try the Halloween inspired Candy Shake! It is actually made with real M&M®’s chocolate candies!
3) Pick your favorite American tune and play it on the jukebox – and don’t forget to dance!
4) Speaking of dancing… get up and dance with our Rocketeers or at least “boogie” from your seat! Shoulder dancing is always a crowd pleaser and encouraged.
5) Be bold! Try a new hamburger! Always a fan of the Route 66? So are we! But on your next visit try The Houston or a Rockin’ Philly.
6) Always get a single hamburger? Take a step on the wild side and treat yourself to the double!
7) Take a creative picture during your visit and Instagram it. You don’t have to be a foodie to show off a good meal. #JohnnyRockets
8) Show off your artistic side and make the most creative #ketchupart you can think of! Don’t forget to Instagram the photo, we are always impressed with creativity.
9) Spice things up and order jalapenos on your hamburger – if it’s too hot, give your mouth a break with a cooling sip of your shake.
10) Have a Shake Race. Who can finish their Shake first? Careful for the brain-freeze that’s sure to follow!

Make sure to tweet and instagram your experience! Do you have any other fun ideas? Tell us below, we can all benefit from a little more fun!

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