Earth Day: A Time to Think about Sustainability

Happy Earth Day, everyone! Did you know that each year, Johnny Rockets serves about eight million pounds of American Fries and two million orders of Onion Rings?

Johnny Rockets Half Fries & Half Rings

That’s a lot of deliciousness, and also a lot of oil. We didn’t want this oil to go to waste, so we partnered with DAR PRO Solutions to make our use of oil more sustainable. Through their green program, our 29 corporate-owned restaurants recycle nearly 7,200 pounds of used cooking oil per year, per restaurant.

The collection and recycling of this waste oil not only saves and produces energy, it also keeps the used product out of waterways and contributes to the growing demand for renewable energy sources.

Johnny Rockets Earth Day Sustainability

How does it work?

DAR PRO Solutions offers environmentally-safe methods for disposal and sustainable use of fry oil for national restaurant chains, grocery retailers and other food service businesses.

First, they converts animal fats and recycled greases, as well as plant oils such as soybean oil into biodiesel fuel, called Bio G-3000™.

Then, Bio G-3000™ (the fastest growing domestically produced alternative fuel) can be used in place of diesel fuel without engine modification or performance reduction.  Pretty cool, huh?

What are you doing today (and every day) to promote sustainability?



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