10 Fun Occasions to Take the Family to Johnny Rockets

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It’s a new year and a great time to think about positive changes you’d like to make over the next twelve months – you know … resolutions. Here at Johnny Rockets, we decided we want to make this year about family … and since we’re all about creating fun dining experiences, our #1 resolution is to make more time for family dinners.

In addition to the meals you enjoy at home, special events or life moments can offer great opportunities to dine out and spend time together. Here are 10 fun occasions that you can celebrate at your nearest Johnny Rockets:

  1. After the performance. Whether you’re watching a play, the choir, or a band recital, you’ll want time afterwards to share backstage stories.
  2. To celebrate a good report card. Reward your favorite student for all their hard work.
  3. After youth sports games. It’s time for team bonding, on the coach!
  4. Before or after a movie. Everyone loves a meal and a movie!
  5. After a shopping marathon. Girl, please – you have to talk about who found the cutest shirt!
  6. Birthday parties! Johnny Rockets Shakes all around!
  7. On vacation. Make new memories while traveling with family or friends.
  8. After graduation. Another big event … and a terrific way to recognize the end of a school year.
  9. On date night. One Shake, two straws – need we say more?
  10. After a marathon. That’s a lot of miles – you’ll want to refuel with the people who’ve been your support system over the last few months of training!

Chances are, you have other special moments to add to this list. Have fun and make family meals matter, one dinner at a time.

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