DIY: Hamburger Pumpkin


This Halloween, let the Hamburger lover in you shine through with our easy-to-make  Hamburger Pumpkin that is sure to impress your trick-or-treaters!


  • 1 knife (6” or longer blade preferred)
  • 1 washable marker
  • 1 Spoon
  • 1 Hot glue gun
  • 6-8 inch plastic container
  • Hamburger condiments- cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, ketchup squirt bottle
  • 2lbs of ground beef
  • toothpicks


  1. Move the pumpkin around to find a point where the “Hamburger” will stand on its own.
  2. Mark a “midpoint” line that goes around the entire pumpkin with the washable marker.
  3. Take the knife and begin cutting along the line until you have gone around the entire pumpkin.
  4. At this point, if the pumpkin was cut properly, you should be able to separate the two halves.
  5. Take the top half (the one with the pumpkin handle) and cut the handle completely off.
  6. Use your spoon to scrape all seeds and gooey insides off.  Ideally, it should be as smooth as possible.
  7. Select about 20 seeds, rinse off thoroughly, and allow to dry.
  8. Once dry, hot glue the seeds to the pumpkin halves to make them look like sesame seeds on a bun.
  9. Cook the ground beef in pieces that are about 2 ½ inches wide by 6 inches long.
  10. Take your cooked Hamburger meat and place it along the perimeter of the bottom bun. Allow the meat to surpass the bun’s edge about an inch or two, using toothpicks to hold the meat in place. Note: You do not have to go all the way around your pumpkin as your trick-or-treaters will only be able to view the front of the Hamburger.
  11. Now you want to start adding the condiments. Add the lettuce first to fill any gaps that the meat did not cover. Follow it with cheese, which also works well in covering any “orange” that is still visible on the bottom bun.
  12. Slice and place your tomatoes on the cheese, and follow it with the pickles. If you have any lettuce left over, feel free to add another layer. Do not pour the ketchup yet – be patient!
  13. Take your top half of the pumpkin and slowly place it on top of the bottom half. Be very careful not to move any of the condiments.
  14. Once the top bun is in place, take out the ketchup squirt bottle. Insert the bottle in several places and just squirt away. Allow some of the ketchup to drip down, which will give it a more realistic look.

If you decide to get creative this Halloween and make this Hamburger Pumpkin masterpiece, please post a photo on our Facebook page! Thank you to Johnny Rockets fan Albert Lopez from UCSD for submitting the photo.

Happy Halloween!

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