Johnny Rockets at Opry Mills Mall – Better than Ever!

Quite a few people have asked us whether or not Johnny Rockets will return to the Opry Mills Mall…and we’re happy to report that WE’RE COMING BACK!!!

The 2010 flooding was such an unfortunate event to have happen in such a fun and spirited place.  However, as strong as this city is, the mall is now reopening, and we have a chance to, once again, serve the Nashville community.


Not only are we thrilled to be back at the fabulous Opry Mills, but we’re going to be better than ever! We’re rolling out a sleek new look that combines the best of classic Americana with today’s hot restaurant trends…and we can’t wait to reveal it! Our new 2,700 square-foot restaurant will seat 104 people, including 22 spots on our patio, and we’ll be open from 11am until an hour after the mall closes. We hope to see you soon, having a great time enjoying our Hamburgers, Shakes, and American Fries with friends and family, during celebrations, on dates or before a movie.

Johnny Rockets Opry Mills

Although we won’t be open on the exact opening day of the mall, we’ll hold a Grand Opening celebration sometime in May, and hope you’ll join us!

If you have any questions or if you’re excited to dine with us again, leave a comment below to let us know. Happy shopping to everyone this weekend!


The Johnny Rockets Team

View of Mall from the Grand Ole' Opry at Sunset


12 thoughts on “Johnny Rockets at Opry Mills Mall – Better than Ever!

  1. First and foremost, I’d like to say how excited I am that you’ll be returning to Opry Mills! Secondly, I was wondering when you’d be hiring? I worked at Johnny Rockets prior to the flood and would love to return as part of the fabulous team!

  2. Im super excited to hear that yall are returning,I also worked at johnny rockets prior to the flood.I was there almost six years as a server and love it,and would love to be apart of the team again!

  3. Hi. When will Johnny rockets be open? Are we talking like July 31st? Or July 20th kind of date? Thank you Johnny rockets team.

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